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i sing the body electric

(proof in truth)

30 August 1981
'50s kut, 'zines, accents, adoption, altered books, austin, author visits, baking, benjamin franklin, bluebonnet book award, book cart drill teams, books, brunch, bubble baths, cacti, canaries, carving rubber stamps, casa, censorship, chapter books, chaunce, congruent angles, congruent tangles, container gardening, cooking, crafts, creative nonfiction, cricket, crossword puzzles, cupcakes, cursive, cutting hair, cx!#z, dancing, denealian handwriting, dia de los muertos, dying, easy readers, ee cummings, errant 1's, europe, feminism, flamingos, flat stanley, founding fathers, french manicures, garden gnomes, geisel award, geology, graceland, grover, haiku, handmade cards, hating mustaches, historical fiction, karaoke, lake wobegone, lefthandedness, letterboxing, librarians, libraries, living underwater, madamn butterfly and bumbly, manitoba, mario star, mermaids, mid-century modern, middle grades fiction, mimosas, moss, movies, multiplication, my h-band, national karaoke league, newly independent readers, npr, octopi, old books, pangea, papercraft, papercut, parades, perfect orange, photosynthesis, picture books, pink, polka dots, postcards, projects, promethean board, reading, reading rainbow, red hair, rescue dogs, riding bikes, rip lizzie, rollerskating, rubber stamps, ruffles, school supplies, sewing, sharpie tattoos, shelter dogs, sisters, skirts, slang, south carolina, stamps, steampunk, stickers, succulents, supersecret 3's, sustainable living, swaptree, swimming, symbiotic cuteness, t.s. eliot, teaching, terrariums, texas, text messages, the babiest kiss, the lone star state, theme parties, thrift stores, travel, travel books, typewriters, valentines, vegetarianism, volunteerism, walt whitman, watering cans, wedge heels, weird skirt girl, writing, yelly-rock